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Tuesday's Cupboard—Sweet Potato Cheesy Soup

What to do with sweet potatoes?

sweet potato cheesy soup
serves 4 - 6 prep level:  easy
equipment: hand emulsion blender
ingredients 4 large sweet potatoes — cleaned, peeled & chopped into 2" chunks1 large chopped sweet yellow onion (Wallawalla, Vidalia)olive oil8 cups of freshly made vegetable broth (Knorr's)ground nutmeg1 cube of Neufachâtel cream cheesecrumbled goat cheese

make it In a large soup pot, sauté onion in 1 T. olive oil until onions are tender (about 3 mins)Add chopped sweet potatoes & veggie brothBring to a boil; reduce to low & cook until potatoes are soft (about 20-25 mins)Remove from heat; while still hot, blend with hand emulsion blender to combine potatoes & brothAdd 1 cube of Neufachâtel cream cheese; blend until cheese is melted and soup is smooth & creamyMix in 2 pinches of ground nutmegServe & top with crumbled goat cheese, sprinkles of paprika & freshly ground pepper.  ❦
Delicious as leftovers!  Heat on the stovetop, stirring often …