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Monday, November 2, 2015


the drumbeat of nanowrimo has begun!

working title for my 2015 nanowrimo novel

national novel writing month

Basically, it's a contest against yourself to write a 50,000 word composition in 30 days.  Hopefully, it will resemble a novel by the time you're finished. 

It starts at Midnight on November 1 and ends at 11:59 p.m. on November 30.  Yep, you get to work through the Thanksgiving holiday!   

It doesn't have to be good.  The point is to write every day and at least pretend that you're an author.  You'll get the chance to fix it later.  

You get virtual badges along the way, but nothing bad happens if you don't finish.  And, you get to invite people to be your writing buddies.  Unlike the emotionally explosive minefield of Facebook, wrimo buddies are invisible and silent most of the time, and account profiles are so sparse there is nothing to spy on.  Wrimos keep it real.  

It's free, but you can donate to nanowrimo's literacy and creative writing programs.  You'll get a halo over your profile picture, which is kind of cute and nice.  Donations start at $10.  

It all started in the San Francisco Bay Area, but now everybody's getting into the annual habit of drinking too much coffee, not getting enough sleep, and alienating family members.  

Oh, it's a lot of fun.  It actually is, but you'll need to free yourself from the usual social constraints and become an obsessive a-hole for a month.  What better time than the holidays to embark on a writing tangent that is basically meaningless?  At least, you'll have a semi-good excuse this year.

Anyhoo, check it out and try it, if you feel like holing up and driving yourself crazy this year.  It is the only time of year when I am up past 9 o'clock at night.

1,667 words a day for 30 days.  

What wrimos write is confidential, unless you feel like sharing.  I don't, but here's a brief description.  Don't get too attached to the title.  I change it about every other day.  As usual, I write completely made-up fiction that is loosely based on characters from my real life.  Most of them are dead (to me, anyway).  


Under 89046 (A Ghost Story)

A conversation between two sisters—the younger, a ghost buried in the family plot in a remote pioneer cemetery in Searchlight, Nevada, and the older, a 58-year old survivor of the family's tumultuous past.  
They meet once a year to catch up on ordinary and extraordinary lives.

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