Good 4You, Good 4The Home: Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

If you haven't done these things yet, there's still time!

Charge to replace the ECM motor in our 8-year old Lennox furnace

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

❒  Clean behind the fridge

Thoroughly remove any dust or dirt buildup from behind your refrigerator.  Remove dust from bottom-mounted coils, if you have them.

Avoids:  Motor burn-out & a refrigerator full of spoiled food.  Major inconvenience during the holidays.  Costly service call & possible replacement of refrigerator. 

 Have the furnace cleaned & inspected by a licensed contractor before it gets cold. 

Buy a winter's worth of disposable filters & replace them every month during the winter months.

Problem avoided:  Replacing parts & going for several days without heat while waiting for replacement parts or a new furnace.  Costly replacement ($600 to $1,200 for a new ECM motor, $6,000 or more for a furnace).

❒  Clean the gutters.

Clear gutters of leaves and debris.  Do this before the first freeze & repeat, if necessary.

Problem avoided:  Roof leaks.  If leaves clog the gutters, rain will back up underneath the roof shingles and leak into the ceiling and walls.  Repairs may involve removing sections of drywall &/or painting.  

❒  Inspect the roof.

Trim back overhanging branches.  Look for signs of deterioration or holes under the eaves that may need to be filled to prevent rodents from getting into the crawl space.  

Problem avoided: Clogged gutters & critters dying in your crawl space or between the walls.  

❒ Inspect the dryer vents.

Pull the dryer out from the wall & check the lint trap & vent to the outside for lint build-up, blockage & critter nests.

Problem avoided:  Motor burn-out.  It's not fun to be without a dryer during the winter months.  Costly & inconvenient service call. 

   Change the batteries in smoke & carbon monoxide detectors.  

When you change your clocks for daylight savings time, change the batts in your smoke & cm detectors.

Problem avoided:  Annoying chirps or death by asphyxiation.  :)   

❒  Cover the a/c unit.

❒  Repair & seal the deck.

❒  Plant bulbs.

❒  Clean garden tools & store.

❒  Drain solar water heater panels.

❒  Driveway repairs before it rains or freezes. (stains, cracks, sealing)

❒  Cover /store outdoor furniture.

❒  Clean up dead seasonal growth.

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