Monday—Martin Luther King, Jr's 1964 Nobel Peace Prize Lecture

Martin Luther King, Jr._Nobel Peace Prize lecture_11 December 1964_Oslo, Norway

"We shall not flinch, we shall not be cowed, we are no longer afraid."

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"The word that symbolizes the spirit and the outward form of our encounter is 

and it is doubtless that factor which made it seem appropriate to award a peace prize to one identified with

Broadly speaking, nonviolence in the 
civil rights struggle has meant 
not relying on arms and weapons 
for struggle.

It has meant noncooperation
with customs and laws
which are institutional aspects of a regime of

...and enslavement.

It has meant direct participation
of masses in protest, rather than reliance on
indirect methods which frequently do not involve masses in action at all."


•  14th Amendment_Cornell University Law School
•  Civil Rights_Cornell University Law School
•  1954 Amici Brief in the landmark Brown v Board of Education

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