My New Year Resolutions 2016

My goals for 2016

2016 Resolutions

white chrysanthemums 2016_photo by dsmp

healthy living

• blog every day
• 45 mins exercise 4 x week
• go dancing in public
• farmers' market 2x month
• can something every month
• plant an herb garden


• finish painting interior rooms
• paint trim around deck door & window
• hire electrician to fix the outside 
electrical outlets & floods
•  hire fence guys to install a gate on the back wire fence
•  build recycling bins
• finish backyard landscape project


•  weekly housecleaning
• clean out craft room
•  repair/replace sewing machine
•  garage clean-out

explore california

•  go on 2 trail hikes around Tahoe
1 Spring/Summer + 1 Autumn
•  Inn at Spanish Bay_Pacific Grove on my birthday


•  san diego in Jan
•  kauai for Steve's 60th birthday
•  Take one trip from:  I'll Have What Phil's Having


•  take Fidelity quarterly online webinars
•  photo tutorial every week


•  braid mission cards
•  homeless cat network on amazon smile
•  donate stuff every month to goodwill


•  sell something on ebay

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