wednesday—Amazon's Kindle Voyage

Use Amazon's trade-in program to upgrade your old kindle

upgrading my 1st gen kindle

hello, voyage

I am in love 
with my new 

I got the kindle essentials bundle—the voyage, a new red cover that converts to a stand, the usb, and the adapter—$249.97 

is this not a thing of beauty?

It's beautiful & thin 6.4"x4.5" 7.6mm
This device is beautifully designed.  
Steve Jobs would have loved it.

high-rez 300 ppi

adaptive auto-light that adjusts to environmental light levels

"time to read" feature tells you how long it will take to finish the chapter

This is one smart little e-reader

finger flip from one page to the next without losing your place

"smart lookup" feature helps the reader keep track of characters

share your read with goodreads

visit a website of a U.S. library that offers digital services from OverDrive 
& check out e-books 

find out more here
check out all of the features on Amazon

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