Wednesday—Good 4U, Good 4The Home: EcoCapsule

A sleek, self-contained tiny house from Slovakia

Ecocapsule_Photo courtesy of

Size:  120 square feet; 4.5m L x 2.25m W x 2.55m H, with wind turbine fully extended.

Cost: 1st-gen available now:  $89,504 USD 
(50 available) (€ 79.9K excluding VAT).

Shipping:  Approximately $4,000 or less depending on where it's going) + customs outside of the EU.

Ecocapsule 2d-gens will be available for sale in 2017.  

The cost will be lower (less than €79K) as future production increases.  The company aims to make the Ecocapsule as affordable as possible.

The Company:  Based in Bratislava, Slovak Republic, a member of the Euro Union.

You Will Need:  A permit to park it on a piece of land; your own water source. 

Water:  Rain water is collected & reverse-osmosis filtered (99.998% dirt-free) in the base of the capsule.

Toilet:  Waterless, composting & separating.

Power:  Solar, wind (batt power = 4 days). 

Click HERE for FAQs

Check out this cool video!

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