Friday Photo Gallery—Free Nik Software Suite

Omigosh.  Google bought Nik Software & decided to give away the pro-pack Nik Collection suite of photo fx.  This is the photography equivalent of giving away top-of-the-line Porsches.  

Nik Collection
Be still my post-processing heart...

Free download HERE

Photo by dsmp_fast, easy, stunning results
Silver Efex Pro2_036 Antique Plate II
Photoshop CC_spot sharpen

Analog Efex Pro
The look & feel of classic cameras, film, and lenses.

Color Efex Pro
A comprehensive set of filters for color correction, retouching & creative effects.

Photo by tjn_San Francisco International Airport_International flights terminal
iPhoto Adjust_Define + Sharpen + DeNoise
Nik_Color Efex Pro4_Portrait_Film Efex_Vignette

Silver Efex Pro
Black & white darkroom-inspired effects.

Photo by dsmp_Kim Klassen Be Still Month 3 lesson_Wrappings
Nik_Silver Efex Pro2_018 Full Spectrum Inverse

Selective color & tonality adjustments without complicated masks or non-intuitive controls.

HDR Efex Pro
High-def effects with individualized selective adjustments.

Photo by dsmp_New Benicia bridge
Nik_HDR Efex Pro2_Architecture filter_21 Indoor1
 > Levels & Curves adjustments_FilmEV1_Lens2 vignette
Photoshop CC_curves adjustment

Sharpener Pro
Professional image sharpening tool set.

Tailored noise reduction.

Click HERE to read a good article by Tom Haselton, TechnoBuffalo_25 March 2016

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