Friday Photoshop—Month #2 Be Still

Pix from Month 2 of Be Still, One Year Wiser, still life photography tutorial by Kim Klassen

Classic Stills

Mac Camelia
Focus & blur_f/5.2
Post-processing in PhotoshopCC_Lightroom_TopazLabs Clarity & TopazLabs Texture FX
kk Lightrooom Presets Free Sampler_"Tuesday" & "Saturday"
Adjustments to saturation & texture opacity

3 Vases
Focus & blur_f/3.8
Post-processing in PSCC_Lightroom_Topaz Texture FX
kk Lightroom Presets free sampler_"tuesday" opac adjusted
TopazLabs Texture fx_"80s Haze" opac & scratches adjustments

Putting Food By
Creative Cropping_Book Study
Post-processing in PSCC & Lightroom
Kim Klassen Lightroom Presets free sampler_"friday"
PSCC opacity adjustment_sharpening

Reading Cat
Color & composition_Book Study
Post-processing in PSCC & Lightroom
kk Lightroom Presets free sampler_"saturday"

A Child's Garden of Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson 1931
Focus & blur_Top Down_f/3.8_Book Study
Post-processing in PSCC, Lightroom & Topaz Texture Effects
kk Lightroom Presets free sampler_"monday"
TopazLabs Texture FX_"Morning Run"

Easter Cookies
Rule of Two-Thirds
Post-processing in PhotoshopCC_Lightroom_TopazLabs Clarity
kk Lightroom Presets Free Sampler_"saturday"
TopazLabs Clarity_Wedding presets_"Ethereal"
LR adjustments_black clipping_TL Clarity opacity adjustment

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