Wednesday—Good 4U, Good4 TheHome: Origami Egg Cups

Easter is in March this year (March 27)_It's egg time!  From Martha Stewart online

Origami Egg Cups

It gets easier the second time!

Practice once with regular 6"x6" paper (standard origami size).

From Martha Stewart online

Click HERE to watch Martha's video instructions

My first attempt...

I used extra thick envelope liner paper & had to refold it a couple of times
which weakened the fold lines & caused the paper to tear later on...

So far, so good...

Flip the whole thing over...

Fold the sides in, then fold one layer of the pointed corners up.
Then, flip it over& fold the pointed corners up again, folding all of the layers up to form the point.
Fold the point up, then flip & fold the other point up.
Pay attention!  Gently shape the cup with your thumbs to form the indentation for the egg.
The points should be up! 

Second attempt...follow the video instructions.  It helps!


Click HERE to see some beautiful spring origami papers at The Paper Source

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