Good 4U, Good 4The Home: Reclaim The Closet

Inspired by organization gurus, Marie Kondo (KonMari) & Leura Fine 

i ❤︎ closets

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Let's Get Real
  • Things are hard to find.
  • You don't know exactly what's in there.
  • You feel overwhelmed when you look at it.
  • Every corner & shelf is being used.
  • Contains outdated clothes & shoes that you haven't worn since before the Millennium.

Let's Jump In!

1.  Take all of the clothes out of the closet and put them in one spot.

2.  Reduce the number of clothing items you have.  Keep only those items that spark joy.  Pick up each piece of clothing.  If it makes you happy, keep it.  If it brings out negative feelings, give it.  

Make 2 piles: keep & donate. 

3.  If you haven't worn an article of clothing for a year, donate it to Goodwill.   

4.  Move out items that belong in an office or a study.  Photos, yearbooks, letters, documents, memorabilia, games, childhood toys, papers.  Sorry, Barbie.  Outta my closet!

5.  Create zones.  Pants zone, shoe zone, shirts zone, formalwear zone, robe zone. 

6.  Upgrade your hangers.  Wood or velvet hangers are better for your clothes than plastic hangers, but if you go with plastic, buy sturdy ones.  

Remove clear plastic department store hangers & put them in the donate pile.     

7.  Create access.  Each wall should be accessible.  Every shelf should be within reach.  If you have high shelves, purchase a small Rubbermaid step-stool & keep it in your closet.

8.  Use stackable boxes to store folded items (e.g. sweaters, scarves, hats, panty hose).  

9.  Pick a light neutral color to paint the walls & shelves.  Neutrals work best because your clothing stands out against a neutral background.  Light neutrals do a better job of illuminating the interior.

For closets, I like Sherwin~Williams Whites/Pastels collection

10.  Invest in baskets, boxes & containers with labels that compliment the interior of your closet.  Before you go shopping, take a good look at all of the things you want to keep in your closet & buy according to the storage space that is needed.  

Remember, "Out of sight, out of mind."  Clear bins are inexpensive & come in all sizes.  I am not a fan of shoe boxes because they junk up the closet & it's too easy to forget what is in them.  Recycle or use them to store the shoes that came in them.

11.  Replace the lightbulb with a good LED.  Remove & clean the glass cover.   

12.  Bring shoes up off of the floor.  Store them on a shelf at eye level.  Most closets have a shelf above the rod.  Consider a clear, plastic, rolling, stacked drawer unit as an alternative to shelf storage.

Anything that is on the floor tends to get lost, so minimize floor storage.

13.  Hang belts at eye level.  Install a belt rack, if you don't have one.  

14.  Organize socks & teeshirts separately & by color.

Fast & Efficient Method #1:  4 baskets on the floor.  Dark socks in a basket; white socks in a basket.  Colored teeshirts in a basket; white teeshirts in a basket.  Line the baskets up on the floor, clearly visible & within easy reach.

Fast & Efficient Method #2:  Hang a 24-pocket canvas shoe organizer over the bedroom or bathroom door.  Use the pockets for socks, underwear & teeshirt storage. 

15.  If you prefer to store underpants in a drawer, try the KonMari upright folding method.  

Invest in an inexpensive foldable underwear tray.  Use it for bras.  Use the rest of the drawer for folded underwear.  

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