Saturday Finances—12-Week Savings Challenge

Inspired by Bankrate's 52-week savings calendar

12 Weeks of Savings

2016 artichokes

Week #1:  Eat more seasonal local veggies & fruits.  Better yet, grow your own.  Plant cherry tomatoes now for a steady supply all summer.  What a great excuse to visit your local plant nursery! 

Week #2:  Create a weekly menu plan.

Week #3:  Use leftovers!  
  • Pack in small containers for work lunches
  • Bulk up the recipe & freeze the extra.
  • Plan a weekly menu around using leftovers.

Week #4:  Use the app for discount codes!  This is a browser plug-in that automatically finds discount deals when shopping online.  It is FREE.  

Week #5:  Cut your phone bill.  
  • Get rid of a landline.  
  • Call your carrier & ask how you can bring down your bill.

Week #6:  Track your spending for 1 week.  Write down every expenditure for one week.  Add it up at the end of the week & evaluate discretionary spending.

Week #7:  Travel off-season.  Look for bargains on hotels & air fares.  Take advantage of airline reward programs.  We use Southwest Visa.  Great program!  

Week #8:   Stop buying vino to drink at home.  Limit yourself to a nice glass of wine when you go out to eat.

Week #9:  Shop from the left side at the grocery store.  Stores often place budget busters on the right side because that's the side that most shoppers use.  

Week #10:   Quit cable TV.  Instead, invest in AppleTV ($149) and stream content from Netflix ($9/month) &/or Hulu ($8/month). Customize viewing with stand-alone subscriptions like HBO or Showtime which can be added to Apple TV.  

Build a DVD library of favorites for late-night viewing.  Heeere's Johnny!

Week #11:   Use 1 credit card & pay it off every month.

Week #12:  Shop for rental car deals when making travel plans.  Rental car companies are competitive, and they offer new deals practically every week.  Use the honey app (Week #4) to find very good deals on car rentals.

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