Saturday Finances—ThredUP Online Thrift

This could be fun!  Online reuse & recycling for women's & kids' clothing

Clothing reuse.  Textile recycling.

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First things first...DOT

  • Defect-free  For regular sale items, clothing should be in excellent condition without stains, holes, pilling or obvious signs of wear.  
  • Grungy clothing goes to the "basement," which are items with flaws that are sold at the biggest discounts. (Good deal on scarves!)    
  • On trend  Clothing should be in style and on trend.
  • Top brands  Check out their list of desirable brands here

How it works

For the seller:  The amount you're paid depends on the original price, brand & type of each item.  

Use the payout estimator to see how much others have earned for the same or similar item.  A pair of Lucky Brand jeans, for instance, pays out $5.75.  Levi's (Made & Crafted) pay out $6.13.  

Items listed under $60 receive a payout as soon as the items are processed by thredUP. Items listed over $60 receive a payout when they are sold.  

Consignment items are listed for 84 days.  They can be reclaimed 7 days after they are first listed, up until 14 days after their listing window ends.  

What happens to unaccepted items?
Typically, less than 40% of the clothing that is sent in gets accepted.  Unaccepted items are passed on to third-party sellers or textile recyclers and repurposed into new products like rugs & stuffing.  The proceeds from unaccepted items are applied to thredUp's shipping & labor costs. 

Sellers can apply their payouts toward...
  • store credit at thredUP
  • donate to a cause
  • or transfer cash to PayPal 

It's fun to check on the pay-outs for different brands and types of clothing.  They even take kids' clothing, which is nice for getting rid of those special outfits that were worn only a couple of times.  

They also have a maternity section, which is really great for passing along those cute shorts, pants, dresses & tops that are still in good shape.  

For the shopper:  It's like shopping at a quality thrift store.  The dress sizes range from 00 to Size 16, and you can choose by category, brand, color & price.  

Shoes range from size 4 -12 and prices range from under $10 for flipflops & sneakers to $45-ish for top designers.  

I saw a killer pair of Franco Sarto sage green heels for $29.    

The selection is good, and the prices are thrift store reasonable.


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