Sunday—Gazebo & Fence Update

On March 8, 2016, our neighbor's giant oak tree came down during a thunderstorm & crushed our fence and our gazebo


The new gazebo & fence without a handrail or electric lights

Our project

We will rebuild the handrail ourselves.  The contractor was never clear about why he did not want to rebuild the handrail, and this is as much as he was willing to do, based on our budget.

We will sand & refinish the deck this summer.

I will spray the outdoor chairs & table to match the bronze finish on the lanterns.

We will get by with programmable candles & lanterns, for now.  We'll think about installing low-voltage electric later this summer.

Outdoor programmable candle & lantern from Pottery Barn

Indoor-outdoor reversible rug from Pottery Barn

Meyer Lemon dishes from Williams~Sonoma

• in • the • works •

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