Sunday—I'm a New Costco Member!

I'm buying BIG

I'm a Costcoarian

First day of shopping as a new Costco member

The super-nice membership guy who signed us up

The beginning of our shopping tour
Big screen TVs
Costco sunbrella_we likee
My favorite brand of mayo
Like this, too...

Steve's pick

Balsamic vinegar_another pantry staple
The olive oil I use

Oooo!  Olive snack packs_gotta have this

Black peppercorns

Our fave coffee kpods

yes please
Okay, I like this...

...and this...

...and rotisserie chicken

Whole crab & lobster tails

Nice looking salmon filets
Quinoa & kale with garlic, olive oil & sea salt  ✰

Stoplight peppers!  Yay!

Haven't tried this, but I've heard good things about it.

Already in love with these

Me happy costco shopper

• shop • happy • shop • well •

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