Monday—How To Clear Email from an iPhone4

I know, I know...iPhone4s are antiques.  But, for those of us who still have them because we love the small size so's a quick way to clear all of of your email at once.

How to Clear Email All At Once 
iPhone 4

The secret to clearing email from an iPhone4

Step 1:
Go to Mail > Open Inbox > Edit > Mark All > Mark As Read

Step 2:
Reopen Inbox > Edit > Select the top message > This will highlight the MOVE button

Step 3:
Press & hold the MOVE button & uncheck the message that you had checked earlier

Step 4:
Lift your finger off of the screen.  iPhone will show you the actual number of messages it wants to move.  It is waiting for you to tell it where to move the messages.

Step 5:
Choose TRASH to delete all of the messages at once.  

Step 6:  You can either leave the deleted messages in the trash & wait for them to be permanently deleted automatically, or you can go to the Trash folder > Edit > Delete All

This works with each of the mail accounts, but you may need to repeat the steps a couple of times until all of the messages are deleted.  

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