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A great way to organize your carry-on luggage!


Lightweight • carry-on size • security friendly

$69.99 for the 5-piece packing cubes set
These cubes can also be purchased separately or in different combinations.

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Sized to fit into carry-on luggage

We love these handy lightweight packing cubes for traveling with carry-on luggage only.  They are sized to fit into either a regular-width or a wide-body carry-on.

Convenient configurations 

One of the little bags is very handy for packing small items like jewelry & hair accessories.  I pack shirts & pants in the large squares.  The oblong bag is big enough to easily fit a pair of flip-flops & a pair of flats or a pair of running shoes.  The other small cube can be used for scarves, a swimming suit, or a night shirt. 

Light-weight & interchangeable

These packing cubes are super thin, so they don't add to the weight of a heavy carry-on.  They can easily be removed & put into other carry-on luggage without having to reorganize your packing.  

I like the mesh tops, which make it easy to see what's in each cube.  I also like the flexible support around the edges so that the cubes maintain a little structure.

Easier & faster packing /unpacking

These really do make a difference when it comes to packing your carry-on.  It is so much faster to change things up when you need to add or remove last-minute items.  Unpacking at the hotel is super-fast, as well.  Because you know what is in each module, nothing gets misplaced.  It's just a more efficient way to pack.      

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