Monday—Happy Little Clouds

Flying my geek flag!  My secret crush on Bob Ross (October 29, 1942 - July 4, 1995)

The One, The Only...

Watch Bob on Netflix

"His teachings are eternal.  His hair is immovable.  He is Bob Ross."  ~Netflix tweet tagline

Admit it.  You love him, too.  

Captain Kangaroo, Mr. Rogers & Bob Ross.  The three calmest human beings who ever lived.   

Now, thanks to the special people at Netflix, we can watch whole episodes of his 1991 series, Beauty Is Everywhere. 

Watch Bob paint happy little trees.  Listen to Bob talk about his rescued animal pals, Peapod, the pocket squirrelHoot, the baby owl; and Kathy & Richard, the baby robins.  You won't be disappointed.  It's mesmerizing. 

And, if you feel like it, beat the devil out of a brush.  Get crazy, what the heck!

You can also watch Bob on YouTube & Hulu.

Fun Facts
  • Bob was a drill sergeant in the Air Force for 20 years (1961 - 1981).  After his military career, he said he never wanted to scream at anyone again.
  • Bob was born in Florida, but was stationed at Eielson Air Force Base in Alaska, where he first saw mountains and snow.  
  • Bob was missing a finger.  He accidentally cut off part of his index finger while woodworking with his father.  If you look carefully, you can see his cropped finger on the hand that he used to hold his pallet.  
  • Bob permed his hair as a way to save money on haircuts during the first season of his show.  He disliked the frizz, but kept his hair permed in order to preserve his image.
  • Bob popularized the oil technique known as "alla prima," a classic technique used by painters since the 15th century.

You, too, can paint almighty "pitchers."

• shoot • let's • get • started •


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