Monday—Lost My Kindle

I left my Kindle on the what?

Lost My Kindle  :(

Left this in the pocket of the seat back in front of me

So, I left my new Kindle Voyage on the plane coming back from Kaua'i.    

What to Do

✓  Put your name on your Kindle before you travel.

✓  Go to Amazon > Manage My Content & Devices > My Devices > Deregister

When a Kindle is activated, it gets linked to your Amazon account to enable the purchase of e-books.  So, the first thing you need to do if your Kindle is lost or stolen is to deregister the device.

If the device no longer appears in your account under My Devices, then it is deactivated.  It is basically blacklisted by Amazon, so you won't see it listed under your devices.  

✓  Call the airline as soon as you realize it's lost.  They will probably tell you to file an online claim with Lost & Found.

File an online claim, then wait.  It can take 3 to 4 weeks for Lost & Found to get back to you.

Woot!  Found my Kindle  :)

✓  If your Kindle is found, the airline will send you an email.  

✓  If you want them to ship it, you will need to set up a Fed Ex account and create a shipping order.  The airline will not pay the shipping cost, so you need a Fed Ex account number that is linked to your credit card.

The airline will also need a confirmation number once you've completed the Fed Ex shipping order.  

You'll need a pickup address from the airline to create the shipping order.  Confirm where your device is actually located and where Fed Ex will go to pick it up.  Chances are, it's in their cargo office.  

✓  Go to Fed Ex.   

✓  Complete the shipping order.  The tracking number and the confirmation number will both be on the shipping label.  

Don't worry about a return address label when you create the shipping order.  You don't need to have the package shipped back to the airline.  All you need is a tracking number and/or a confirmation number.  

✓  Once you have a tracking number and a confirmation number, call the airline back and give them this information.

Then, you can track your Fed Ex order online, and wait for it to arrive.

Reactivate your Kindle

It's easy to reactivate your Kindle after it's back in your possession.  

Go to Amazon's Contact Us live phone support.   Speaking to a live Amazon rep is a security precaution against theft & fraud.

Useful Tips

✓  Don't slide skinny devices into the seat back pocket.  If you want to put it down during a long flight, put it in your carry-on.  

✓  Check the seat back pocket, the floor, and the empty seats next to you before you get off the plane.

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