Wednesday—Good forYou, Good for LEDs

3 neat lighting solutions to help bring down your energy bill

Let There Be Light

Soft white GE LED brightstik_Uses 6watts > 40w equivalent

This is the time of year when I take on our power bill, mano a mano. 

It started last year when I accepted a voluntary challenge from our power company (PGE) to reduce our power bill each quarter by 5 percent.  

PGE has a great website with tools for tracking energy usage.  Customers can compare usage year to year, month to month, day to day, down to the hour on any given day.  It's pretty impressive!

One quick & easy way to see immediate results is to switch to lower-watt lighting.  LEDs have come a long way, even since last year.  The selection is better, they are more readily available, and they are a lot more affordable.    

Here are 3 great new LEDs that I found at Target, Amazon, and Home Depot.  

GE BriteStiks

6 watts replaces standard 40w_replaces CFLs & incandescents 

6w (40w equivalent) soft white,
 general purpose bulbs

Lasts 13 years

450 lumins

Energy cost:  $0.72 per year based on 3 hours a day, 11¢ kWh

Light appearance: 2850K = very warm

$19.99 at Target

Super-Low LEDs

Satco 1.2 watt > 7.5W equivalent lightbulb for accent or night time lamps
Meridian 1.7 watt > 11W equivalent lightbulb for low light lamps

Satco 1.2 watt decorative lightbulb

1.2 watt > 7.5 watt equivalent soft-white general purpose bulb

Lasts 25,000 hours (that's about 8.6 years of 8-hr per day usage)

40 lumins

Energy cost:  $0.14 per year

Light appearance:  2,700K = warm

Meridian 1.7 watt sign bulb

1.7 watt > 11 watt equivalent general purpose bulb

Lasts 25,000 hours

135 lumins

Energy cost:  $0.20 per year

Light appearance:  3,000K = warm/cool neutral

$9.99 per bulb on Amazon (also saw this at Home Depot)

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