Wednesday—Good forYou, Good forThe Patio Furniture

This was part of the repairs we made after our neighbor's oak tree smashed our gazebo last March & landed on top of our patio set.  Miraculously, the glass top survived!

I used Rust-Oleum Painter's Touch 2X Ultra Cover Paint + Primer_Kona Brown to give the table & chairs a new look.  

I like this paint because it is a primer + paint in one, and it has a gloss finish.

I used 3 cans of spray paint, about $5 a can from Home Depot + $5 for the adhesive = $20 cost of restoration.


The rim of this table was knocked loose from the glass & the legs underneath.
The glass top was not removable because the rim was soldered around the glass for a tight fit. 

I masked the glass top-side and underneath


The entire surface of the glass top was sprayed underneath.  I decided to spray the underside of the glass because the leg struts were slightly warped, and it was impossible to spray evenly between the struts and the tabletop.  The glass top of the table was reattached to the rim with outdoor silicone adhesive.  A 30-year old patio set looks like new!  

Available at Home Depot

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