Good forYou, Good forThe Kitties

This is a fun app for your kitties by developer, Martine Carlsen

Catch & Paint Games for Cats
by Martine Carlsen

$1.99 on iTunes

iPad app

Tiggy's favorite_the brown mouse catch game

7 different buggies to choose from_spider, goldfish, butterfly, fly, fleas,
brown mouse & white mouse

What Makes this App Fun for Cats
  • realistic looking mice (the others are cartoons)
  • touch-activated sound fx (the mice squeak when touched with a paw)
  • continuous critter noises (digging, mousie chatter)
  • realistic movement


2 Games in One

The catch game gives cats 7 different varmints to chase.  

The paint game is a chase game, plus it drops a splat of virtual paint on the screen whenever a kitty paw touches the screen.  If you want your kitty to create a unique work of art, this is a great app!  

Good for Your Cats
Cats get bored just like humans do, and this is a wonderful and inexpensive toy for them.  They'll love it, and hoomins will love watching their BFFs (BestFurryFriends) have a great time! 

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