#TBT—Campus Housing Lists 1974 & 1978

Steve's 1974 UCSC packing list  & my 1978 UC Berkeley housing booklet

UC Santa Cruz v. UC Berkeley...

Camp U-See-Es-See
Cabin Five 1974

Also known as, "Uncle Charlie's Summer Camp" UCSC

Check out the "You may need..." list

In addition to the usual boring stuff...

  • toothbrush and toothpaste (if you're cavity prone)
  • musical instrument
  • military brush set
  • musical instrument [listed twice]
  • pen knife
  • study lamp (the rooms get dark!)
  • Burpee's Seed Catalogue
  • five-speed bike (ten-speeds are now considered to be a bourgeois affectation)
  • meditation equipment
  • Impeach Ford bumper stickers (for possible later use)
  • cosmetics (coming back in this year)
  • porkpie hat
  • beer mug
  • baseball mitt
  • works of Buckminster Fuller
  • plants that don't look suspicious
  • incense burner
  • frisbee
  • complete set of Mother Earth News
  • Nervous Norvus albums
  • Instamatic & extra film
  • hardhat lunches (bike bags are passé)

Steve's College Five directory

This is what facebook was before Facebook_(I've blocked out faces & addresses for privacy reasons)
Many of the students at UCSC were from California.

UC Berkeley 1978

I transferred to CAL as a junior.  Steve started his Master's that same year.

Just the basics at CAL...

  • blankets
  • flat sheets
  • pillowcases
  • towels
  • bedspread
  • lamp
  • hangers
  • coins for laundry  

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