Wednesday—Good forYou, Good forTheDeck

Our gazebo & fence repair is finished!  Before & after pix 

March 5, 2016

During an extended rainstorm, our neighbor's oak crashed through our fence & landed on our gazebo.
Luckily, the rafters held, and our patio set was spared.  A couple of branches knocked the rim of the table loose.
Stay tuned for pix of the restored table & chairs.

The trunk of the oak is on the other side of the fence in our neighbor's yard.
The entire oak came up, roots & all!

Beginning the clean-up...

Roof lattices beginning to collapse

August 19, 2016

Our contractor rebuilt the fence and replaced the main posts & the lattice/roof in the gazebo.
Steve & I built the handrail, then I treated the wood. 

The new handrail after Thomson's water seal & the deck after it was cleaned & stripped.
I like the look of this stripped down redwood, but it needed a good overall stain to protect it from the rain.

Thomson's Water Seal on the structure_Behr Padre Brown Semi-Transparent Stain on the deck.
I treated the new planks along the edges of the deck with clear Thomson's to create a light & dark contrast.

How the insurance worked

Even though the tree belonged to our neighbors, the damage was covered by our homeowner's, not theirs.  

Wind damage is considered an "act of God" by insurance companies, and unless a neighbor can prove negligence on the part of the tree's owner, each homeowner is responsible for the damage on his/her own property.  

If your tree comes down on your neighbor's property, it is your neighbor's responsibility to make the repairs.

We had a $1,000 deductible.  Kemper's original estimate was $12,061.63 (after the deductible) to replace the gazebo and the fence and to fix the table.

Our actual incurred expenses were $16,534.77 (after the deductible).  We reduced the replacement costs by building the handrail ourselves and by replacing the electrical lighting with Mason jars & outdoor votives.  Kemper revised their original estimate and covered all of our costs!

Helpful tip:  The insurance adjuster will ask for all of your original receipts and canceled checks.  Keep careful track of your expenses.  The adjuster will appreciate a clean, organized, accurate report of your final costs.

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