Saturday Finances—How Mother Teresa Was a Saintly CEO

Besides being a saint and a Hindu goddess, MotherTeresa was a savvy corporate leader_from the Wall Street Journal by Francis X. Rocca_2 Sept 2016

How Mother Teresa Was A Saintly CEO

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Missionaries of Charity Rules

1.  All personal belongings must fit into a small box.

This reduced personal expenses and made it easy to move personnel when needed.

2.  Visits to relatives are limited to once every 10 years.  

This established a familial relationship with the order.  Companies like Google and Apple spend millions of dollars every year to create a family atmosphere in the workplace.

3.  She reassigned nuns to different beds & changed the function of rooms within the convents.

This practice encouraged flexibility and adaptability and provided a pool of workers who were prepared to change roles, as needed.

4.  Her simple org chart made it easy for the nuns to follow the chain of command.

5.  Through a highly centralized organization and regional divisions, she enabled a seamless transition of leadership after her death. 

6.  Nuns did not receive specialized training.  They learned local languages, then learned through on-the-job experience.

By reducing the cost of training to practically nothing, funds were used to support the actual work of the mission.

Nuns were not micromanaged.  They were sent out into the field and given the opportunity to adapt to the needs of the community they served.

7.  Mother Teresa was not afraid to ask for what she needed.  
Networking.  She preferred to raise funds through individuals rather than through fundraising campaigns or financial endowments. 

8.  The Missionaries of Charity started with 12 followers in 1950.  The order now serves in 139 countries with over 5,600 members and over a million volunteers who have helped since the 1990s.  

Mother Teresa began an unknown start-up with basically no revenue and grew the order into a world-wide organization.

9.  Mother Teresa had great people skills.

She was a talented negotiator who understood power.

10.  Mother Teresa used her celebrity to gain access to world leaders who could help her mission work.

She built a successful brand.

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