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Tuesday's Cupboard—Meyer Lemon Marmalade

from my kitchen to yours in 2016

meyer lemon marmalade

adapted from Sunset Books © 1981 Canning, Freezing & Drying, Pickling & Smoking

Skill level:  Experienced
Equipment:  citrus zester electric juicer canning kettle with jar holder insert jar tongs for grabbing the jars regular tongs for grabbing the lids & rings clean damp cloth for wiping rims 2 heat-proof counter protectors clean dishtowel to set the jars on while you're canning  1 clean dishtowel on a heat-proof surface for cooling the jars
1/2 c. metal measuring cup for filling jars 3-quart pot for the marmalade 1-quart pot for heating the lids & rings

•  about 16 medium-sized Meyer lemons (this makes 1-3/4 c. zest and 2 c. juice) •  1/2 c. water •  6 cups fine baker's sugar •  1 pouch (3 oz.) liquid pectin

MAKE IT Zest all of the lemons, then ream the juice from the lemons.  You should have 1-3/4 cups zest (slightly packed) and 2 c. of juicePlace zest, 1/2 c. of water, and 1/2 c. of lemon juice in a 3-quart pan.Brin…