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Wednesday—Good 4You, Good 4The Home: Mornings

Practical ways to smooth out your morning routine

Making Mornings Easier

1.  Turn up the heat.
It's easier to get up when the house is warm & toasty.  Use your programmable thermostat to crank it up for 1 to 2 hours in the morning.
Nest Learning Thermostat  (3d Gen) $249

2.  Automate Set the coffee pot.Set auto lights to come on (low-watt LED lamps &/or strands of miniature white lights in the bedroom & living area). Set music or nature sounds to come on.Philips Wake-up light with Nature Sounds Amazon Prime $117

3.  Prepare Make lunches the night before.Organize work materials the night before.In sight-in mind.  Don't hunt for anything in the morning.  Create a staging area for everything you need to take to work in the morning.  Have it all in one place.
4.  Reward Yourself Stock new breakfast foods.Make your bathroom a welcoming place (replace your shower head; fancy soap).Extra time to surf the web.Extra time to read. Take a morning walk.Start a fun morning work-out.Water…