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Saturday Finances—Women, Money & The Confidence Gap

Love this short (3 min 45 secs) TEDx talk by Kathleen Murphy, President of Personal Investing at Fidelity

It's boring...I don't want to fight with my spouse about money...I'm not very good at numbers...I might make a mistake...I don't want to rock the boat...I'm afraid people won't like me...I don't want to be perceived as pushy...Someone else manages my money...I can't understand this stuff...I'm afraid my coworkers &/or family might think that I'm greedy or selfish or bossy...It's unfeminine...Thinking about money issues is upsetting...I don't have time.

The Facts Are Women earn 60 percent of the college degrees (National Center for Education Statistics, Digest for Education Statistics, 2012).More than 50 percent of women outearn their spouses and are the primary breadwinners (Pew Research Center Study, 2014).By 2020, women will control $22 trillion in personal wealth (US Census current population survey, 2012).Only 1 in 8 Gen Y women…