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Good 4U, Good 4The Home: Reclaim The Closet

Inspired by organization gurus, Marie Kondo (KonMari)& Leura Fine

i ❤︎ closets

Let's Get Real Things are hard to find.You don't know exactly what's in there.You feel overwhelmed when you look at it.Every corner & shelf is being used.Contains outdated clothes & shoes that you haven't worn since before the Millennium.

Let's Jump In!

1.  Take all of the clothes out of the closet and put them in one spot.
2.  Reduce the number of clothing items you have.  Keep only those items that spark joy.  Pick up each piece of clothing.  If it makes you happy, keep it.  If it brings out negative feelings, give it.  

Make 2 piles: keep & donate.

3.  If you haven't worn an article of clothing for a year, donate it to Goodwill.   

4.  Move out items that belong in an office or a study.  Photos, yearbooks, letters, documents, memorabilia, games, childhood toys, papers.  Sorry, Barbie.  Outta my closet!
5.  Create zones.  Pants zone, shoe zone, shirts zone, formalwear zone, …