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Saturday Finances—ThredUP Online Thrift

This could be fun!  Online reuse & recycling for women's & kids' clothing

Clothing reuse.  Textile recycling.

First things first...DOT
Defect-free  For regular sale items, clothing should be in excellent condition without stains, holes, pilling or obvious signs of wear. Grungy clothing goes to the "basement,"which are items with flaws that are sold at the biggest discounts. (Good deal on scarves!)On trend  Clothing should be in style and on trend.Top brands  Check out their list of desirable brands here

How it works
For the seller:  The amount you're paid depends on the original price, brand & type of each item.  
Use the payout estimator to see how much others have earned for the same or similar item.  A pair of Lucky Brand jeans, for instance, pays out $5.75.  Levi's (Made & Crafted) pay out $6.13.  
Items listed under $60 receive a payout as soon as the items are processed by thredUP. Items listed over $60 receive a payout when they are sol…