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Saturday Finances—The Perks of Getting Older

Yippee!  Good deals starting at age 50 

It's A Bargain To Be Older
From "The Financial Perks of Getting Older," by Kaitlin Pitsker, Kiplinger — 4 Apr 16

Lower car insurance rates Experience counts for older drivers.  Allstate cuts rates up to 10% for most drivers 55 & older.  Geico & other insurers also provide discounts if you take a driving class.

Save more for retirement At 50 & older, you can save more in your IRA & increase your annual contribution by $1,000 up to $6,500 (normally, the max is $5,500).  Hey, that's tax-free savings that can increase in value over time if you invest it wisely.  Good deal!

Travel Perks Ooo, love these!  American, Southwest & United airlines offer passengers 65 & older discounted fares on some domestic flights.  
Amtrak offers travelers 62 & older 15% off of selected fares.  Greyhound also offers a 15% discount on selected fares, if you want to travel by coach.  
Best Western takes 10% off of its room rates for any…