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Sunday—Goodbye to The Greatest

Muhammad Ali died last Friday, June 3d, at the age of 74


What I Learned from Ali
Some things are worth fighting for.It's okay to be proud.Live your authentic self.Be confident.Stand up to bullies.Just because you're young doesn't mean you can't defend yourself.Hold onto your beliefs, even when the world is against you.Accept loss & come back to fight another day.When your ass hits the canvas, get up and keep fighting.People are not always going to like what you say, so don't be afraid to say what you think.    You can lose a fight, but remain a champion.Don't be afraid to face a powerful opponent.Don't lose your cool.Humor is a strength.Be ready to sacrifice everything for a cause that you believe in.Refusing to fight is not cowardice. Fight by the rules. If you're in the ring with someone who wants to hurt you, stay strong, be fast, and think on your feet.Don't be afraid to fight alone.  Don't be afraid to fight, even when you don…