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Tuesday's Cupboard—Meyer Lemon Bars

Keep an eye out for bags of Meyer lemons sold at Costco

Inspired by Martha

Brown-Butter Shortbread  Meyer Lemon Bars

Find Martha's recipe on her website

Helpful tips:
WARNING:  This is an involved recipe.  Plan on lots of pans and a couple of refrigeration breaks.  Watch the video! Be sure to spray or butter the inside of the baking pan (under the parchment lining), as recommended in the recipe.  The crust is super sticky.I used Martha's double-sided parchment (foil on one side, parchment on the other) with the paper side against the crust.  I have regular parchment, but the foil made it easier to wrap over the edges of the baking pan.  The alligator clips are extremely useful for baking.  I removed the clips before I refrigerated the bars overnight (before cutting).I used 1 + 1/4 c. of liquid eggs (equal to 5 eggs), plus one extra-large egg yolk in the custard with no noticeable difference in the consistency or taste. Re: bubbles in the custard.  You don't need a torch.  I had o…