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Wednesday—Good forYou, Good for My New Swamp Cooler

The modern term for "swamp cooler" is "evaporative cooler."  Love this updated version by Honeywell

so cool!

Welcome, Summer
  holds 6.6 gallons of water  top-loading ice compartment  non-compressor system (not an a/c)  cools 300 square feet  uses water to cool air  light-weight (25.8 lbs) & on rollers  remote control  4 speeds  up to 8 hours on auto-timer  oscillating or non-oscillating fan  low water alert  energy-efficient, uses 230 watts of power   easy to move around the room  strong air throw  works best in hot, dry air with humidity 60% or less requires cross-ventilation & must be placed near an open window or door (about 3" will suffice)easy to clean 

How it Works
An evaporative cooler works by pushing hot, dry air through a water screen.  As the dry air passes through the water screen, it picks up water particles, which cool the air.  Dry air comes in, picks up water particles, and the fan blows the cooled air out into the room.  You now have a roo…