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Tuesday's Cupboard—Lemony Spiked Sweet Tea

Inspired by Martha Stewart online

Lemony Spiked Sweet Tea
Original recipe from "Emeril at the Grill" by Emeril Lagasse

Brewed ice tea maker 2 quart-size canning jars 2 straws 2 bags of ice

6 bags of Stash orange-spice tea2 cups Safeway Signature Orange-Peach-Mango refrigerated juice1/4 c. lemon juice4 shots Bacardi 151 golden rumsugar to tastefresh mint sprigscinnamon stickssliced oranges & lemons

make it!  Brew a pitcher of iced tea using the 6 tea bags of Stash orange-spice tea. Fill 2 quart-size jars half full of ice. Fill each jar half full of ice tea. Add 1/2 cup of fruit juice to each drink + a splash of lemon juice (about 1/8 cup). Add 2 shots of rum to each drink. Top off with fruit juice & tea. Taste for sweetness.  Add 1 to 2 teaspoons of sugar, if desired.  Add sliced oranges & lemons.  Stuff a sprig of fresh mint into each drink. Swirl with a cinnamon stick & serve with a straw.

Also great as a non-alcoholic summer drink!

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