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Thursday, July 14, 2016

#TBT—BC Condo Then & Now

1981 & 2016


My gramma's new condo under construction
Her brother-in-law, Vern Stockall & one of Vern's daughter's boyfriends

Back yard next to the parking lot
Before the balcony was built
That's my dad's sailboat sticking through the parking cover

Front yard facing the street

Gramma walking around in her new yard


35 years later

front yard facing the street

"Museum" palo verde planted in March 2016

French lavender

white rose in memory of my dad & gramma Pearle

front porch

 Original white pom tree...
This tree was a Mother's Day gift in 1982 to my grandmother from my
cousin, Bryant Hess.  He was a student working in the botany lab at UNLV,
and this was an experimental plant.

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