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#TBT—Campus Housing Lists 1974 & 1978

Steve's 1974 UCSC packing list  & my 1978 UC Berkeley housing booklet

UC Santa Cruz v. UC Berkeley...

Camp U-See-Es-See Cabin Five 1974

In addition to the usual boring stuff...
toothbrush and toothpaste (if you're cavity prone)musical instrumentmilitary brush setmusical instrument [listed twice]pen knifestudy lamp (the rooms get dark!)Burpee's Seed Cataloguefive-speed bike (ten-speeds are now considered to be a bourgeois affectation)meditation equipmentImpeach Ford bumper stickers (for possible later use)cosmetics (coming back in this year)porkpie hatbeer mugbaseball mittworks of Buckminster Fullerplants that don't look suspiciousincense burnerfrisbeecomplete set of Mother Earth NewsNervous Norvus albumsInstamatic & extra filmhardhat lunches (bike bags are passé)

UC Berkeley 1978