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Wednesday—Good For You, Good forThe Shower Pan

This works.  No kidding.  Easy-Off in the blue can (fume-free)

From a discussion on

The Super-Easy Way to Clean a Faux-Pebble, Textured, Fiberglass Shower Pan

1.  Spray 1 can of fume-free Easy-Off onto a dry fiberglass shower pan.

2.  The comments I read recommended leaving it on overnight, but I sprayed it on in the morning and left it for about 6 hours.

3.  Wipe it with a non-abrasive sponge & rinse.  Don't worry if all of the grunge doesn't come up the first time.  Let it dry, then try it again.

It might look like my drain cover is dulled.  It's not, that is the non-shiny brushed finish of the drain cover.

4.  Tip:  You won't be able to get every last bit of Easy-Off out of the can.  It will run out when you start seeing lots of foam.

5.  You don't need to scrub your arms off!  Give the chemicals time to work, then just wipe away the crud. 

Happy cleaning!

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