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Thursday, September 1, 2016

#TBT—4 Gens of Nauvoo Nelsons

4 generations of Nelsons from Nauvoo, starting with George & Elizabeth Nelson who settled in Nauvoo in 1841.  Three more generations followed, all native sons of Nauvoo.

James Nelson
Born in Nauvoo, Illinois, Nov 1926


Joseph Nelson Jr

1887 - 1936
Born in Nauvoo, Illinois


The calendar on the wall behind him is from the First National Bank of Nauvoo, originally the People's State Bank, which his father was instrumental in organizing in 1901.

Married to Verna Odielle (Hohl) Nelson   

The original sign from the top of the Nauvoo Electric Light & Power Company now sits on our deck.

Joseph Nelson

15 Sept 1850 - 13 Nov 1913
Born in Nauvoo, Illinois


From his obit:  

"Mr. Nelson was an enterprising citizen, and his fellow townsmen, appreciating his worth and ability, frequently called upon him to serve in positions of public trust.  He has been city clerk of Nauvoo for three years; he was alderman and mayor of the city for a term or two; and for many years served as a school director.  He, at the time of death, was serving his second term as supervisor of Nauvoo township; and in June last, he was elected as chairman of the county board of supervisors.

The deceased has ever taken a warm interest in the cause of education and did all in his power for its advancement.  Socially, he was a member of the Hancock County Mutual Life Association and was also a member of the Merchants' Life and the Bankers' Life Insurance Association.

His many excellencies of character, his public spirit, his sterling worth and straightforward career won for him the confidence and esteem of all with whom he was brought into contact and gained for him the highest regard of the entire community.  

He was a good husband and father and an obliging neighbor.  A good citizen is gone.  Peace to his ashes."  

George Nelson

Born in Ireland

Great-great grandfather

Arrived in Illinois from Canada around 1841 & settled in Nauvoo.  Married Elizabeth Ann Madder, a native of England.  Both died in Nauvoo in 1850.

From Joseph Nelson's obit:

"Mr. Nelson's father, George Nelson, was a native of Canada and was of French and Irish extraction.  He came to Illinois about 1841 and located in Nauvoo.  Although he was not regularly a Mormon, but was well posted on the scriptures of that sect, and on account of his sympathies with that people, he was called a Jack Mormon.  

His death occurred in 1850 at the age of fifty-seven years old.  His wife, Mrs. Elizabeth Ann Nelson, was a native of England, and on crossing the Atlantic located in this county.  Her death occurred here in 1850, only a few days after the birth of our subject."

There is some indication in church records that he and other members of his family were excommunicated when they backed an unsuccessful challenger during the succession crisis in 1844. 

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