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Thursday, September 22, 2016

#TBT—Nevada Report Cards

1936 & 1942 from my Aunt Beverley's collection

1st Grade
Public Schools 
of Caliente, Nevada

8 September 1936

"We give two separate reports.  The first indicates the progress made by the pupil in the formation of the essential traits of character and attitudes of mind that make for good citizenship.  Upon these depend the future of democracy and the stability of government.  In this training we recognize that the school shares responsibility with the home.  The second report indicates the progress in the regular studies."

-- Golden Hollingshead, Principal

First Grade_Fall 1936
School Subjects 1st through 8th Grade:
Phonics, reading, spelling, writing, language,
history, geography, arithmetic, mental arithmetic,
music, drawing, hygiene, civics, business forms, current events,
health work, athletics, cooking and sewing

Promoted to 2d Grade

"Your signature indicates that you have inspected the card—not that you approve or disapprove.  Please return the card promptly."

7th Grade
Las Vegas City Schools

8 Sept 1942

7th Grade_Fall 1942

A = Honor
B = Satisfactory
C = Passing
D = Failure

Perfect Attendance

Printed by the Review Journal

K.O. Knudson, Principal

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