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New Week, New Goal: Get in Shape!

Fall is a great time to set end-of-year goals

My New Goal:  Shape Up! ✫

[Insert photo of my new birthday Saucony Guide8 running shoes here]
(Thank you, person who gave me the Amazon birthday gift card.   You know who you are!)
My new shoes get here on Wednesday ☆
Rockin' Champion Women's Double Dry 4-Pack Performance Heel Shield in assorted bright colors (aka socks)... to go with those  AWESOME running shoes
(same deal as above) ✯
And, a Champion Power Train Teeshirt

It's more fun to work out in new workout clothes!  My new orange teeshirt gets here on Tuesday.   Photo to come. ✰
Last, but not least...Active casual wear workout pants by Danskin
My new pants don't get here until October 6-17, so I will have to train in my underpants until then.  Sorry, reservoir people.
Pray that my pants get here sooner. ✬
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